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that one freak
9 June 1994

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as far as fandoms are concerned, caty is pretty homofandomal. she has this ridiculous obsession for naruto and she can’t quit it despite kishi’s brain farts. she likes other fandoms such as avatar the last airbender and such, but nothing much. she is in love with sai from naruto. ♪ as far as pairings are concerned, she ships sasuke/sai, naruto/gaara, neji/tenten, lee/sakura, chouji/ino and some others. caty hasn’t much of a friending policy, so feel free to friend her and she’ll friend you back if you wish, although there are no friends locked entries. she’s also at: deviantart & ffnet. catarina is a 16 year-old living in portugal, in a small city called chaves (which translates into keys). if she is not being freaky, she can be found drawing, writing or reading, at the whole while listening to music. ♪ caty likes italian, chinese and indian foods and she has this condition also known as diabetes that increases her awesome quota. she’s also a sucker for psychology.

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