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that one freak
06 September 2010 @ 03:15 pm
since i’m feeling a little writer’s-blocked of lately and since i usually write best when it’s for someone, let’s do this. this is multi-fandom, and if you don’t want to repost this, you don’t need to. i’m not expecting you to.
just keep in mind that this may or may not have a cracky outcome. :D

first, pick up to three numbers between one and fifteen, including those. keep in mind that some numbers refer to the avatar: the last airbender fandom, the very cracky twilight series (keep in mind that i hate the series, please, so don’t blame me if you do like those series) and one from digimon adventure 02; the rest is narutardism characters.
then, pick one letter from a to j and/or a letter from k to t. you may also add a word, a quote, a prompt, a line from a song or whatever you want to. just keep in mind that there are already characters and prompts associated to whatever you request, and i will try my best to incorporate everything.

as always, up to three requests per person. in separate comments, please. :B

the result=cracky writings of win. ♥

please post like this:
number(s) x(, y, z) - letter from a to j - (or/and) letter from k to t - (or/and) anything else you might want
♥: bouncy
that one freak

...with a fic meme!
which was shamelessly stolen from ivy_tsuta ’s journal; feel free to do it yourself as well, it’s fun! ♥

post the first line of a story in here, and i’ll write the next one (might not necessarily mean “line”, as it may also be paragraphs, segments, etc.
no context or prompts, though, but feel free (and I encourage it) to specify a pairing or a character/characters.


give me a pairing or a character/characters and an au.


give me a pairing or a character/characters and a prompt.

(i’m not sure if these will be just the five parts; could be a full oneshot, multichaptered fic, depends on how the muse strikes me.

naruto (and a bit a:tla, a very dubious maybe) fandom only, because i am homofandomal like that.
multiple requests are fine too, but please stick to a maximum of three requests. ♥

most of all, enjoy!

like this:
character(s)/pairing: x or x/y - sentence/au/prompt
♥: pessimistic