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that one freak
05 February 2021 @ 06:30 pm
some stuffs are public. fics were moved to wordstheyflow.
comment to add. ♥ i don't bite. ...much.

here you will find memes, rants, a bit of everything in between.
i like hugging, sunny days, orange, red & lime green, drawing, writing, sims, tool, apc, death cab for cutie, explosions in the sky, muse & others. and the love of my life is maynard james keenan.
i don't like rain, stoopid peoples & i can’t remember anything else.

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that one freak
06 November 2010 @ 08:38 pm
five times meme

this was bound to happen soon due to inactivity and since i’m having trouble with inertia. for anyone who’s watching my descent into madness, i will enjoy this as much. so bang me as much as you can with prompts of something that happened five times.

fandoms include naruto, digimon 02, pokémon (keep in mind i’m much more fluent with the games, more specifically rse and hgss, but anything goes), cardcaptor sakura, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, and that’s what i’m inclined to right now.

and you can request as many as you’d like, just request them in separate comments; and I might be closing this in a week or so.
bang, bang, please bang me hard with prompts, but please keep in mind writability; any ratings as well; and you can specify pairings.

example/start off prompts:
five times gaara’s first thought of the day was uzumaki naruto // five times naruto didn’t think he’d make it // five times daisuke thought how good hikari looked with takeru // five times silver regretted stealing totodile